The glass flowers at Harvard

The world-famous Ware Collection of Glass Models of Plants includes a very tempting glass banana – and hundreds of amazing glass flowers, all made by hand. “I’ll meet you at the giant moa,” Blue Magruder said. That’s the landmark when you’re at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, looking for The Glass Flowers gallery. Back […]

Five life lessons, learned from gardening

Deadline mentality, it’s gotta get done, now or never, or it’ll be too late, just a bit more, you’re almost there. None of this is working for me. Nature (and by this, I also include my own physical being) is trying to tell me something, and I think it’s time to shut up and listen. […]

Garden allotment, Dutch style

I want a volkstuin. That’s Dutch for “people’s garden” – and it is as socialistic as it sounds. They started in Holland back in the 15th century when people created “kool” (as in cole slaw) gardens – so workers could grow staples like cabbage in vacant areas at the edges of cities. The movement kept […]

The Floating Gardens of Yuppopolis

Floating gardens of Yuppopolis

Anything you can do on land, you can do on water. That’s the idea behind the amazing floating gardens created by the late Robert Jasper Grootveld. From poets to singers to politicians – any Dutch person who was even remotely hip in the 60’s knew Grootveld, who was famous for his energetic and magical happenings. […]

Mulching my garden with Joe

My brother wasn’t much of a gardener. But he loved that I got an allotment. Then he suddenly fell ill. Gravely ill, as it turned out. I have never grown vegetables, but I have been planning a veg plot, and after thinking and dreaming for a few months, I decided to grow American things I […]